Training should never be so serious that we lose our sense of awe for the horse. 
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Video Lessons

All you need for lessons near or far is good cell service, wireless headphones, and someone or something to hold your phone for you! Video lessons make learning convenient and affordable.

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Halter Starting

Give your horse a correct foundation and set him up for success in life.  Halter starting gives the young horse understanding of the meaning of the lead rope, experience with handling feet, trailer loading, and exposure to a wide variety of foreign things he will encounter throughout his life.  A correctly halter started horse is a pleasure to handle and that much more prepared for being started under saddle.

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Colt Starting

The foundation of a horse’s riding career.  Horses will learn confidence in their balance, learn to carry a rider, and basic exercises and maneuvers, in a manner that will prepare them mentally and physically for a long and healthy riding career.

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Horsemanship with a dressage focus for every horse and rider – learn to get balanced and create solid partnerships, no matter what saddle you’re riding in.  My goal as a teacher is not to tell the student what to do, but to teach riders feel and to learn to interpret their horses expressions and movements.  Lessons focus on teaching riders to communicate effectively, observe and compare what works and doesn’t work for their horse, and to set up situations in which learning is easy for the horse.  Teaching riders to be advocates for their horses means learning to carefully observe their surroundings, their horse, and themselves, and to gather an awareness of how their moods, physical fitness, and decisions affect their horses.

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Mental/Physical Rehab

Working closely with a quality vet, farrier and body workers to restore your horse’s physical soundness and rebuilding a happy body and mind.  Teaching the horse correct self carriage and developing better body alignment. Many times, mental and physical rehab are closely connected, as a horse values balance above many other things.

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Offering private or group sessions for all disciplines and breeds.  In clinics, people can come together to improve their relationships with their horse, learn how to improve their timing and feel, and take home a new awareness to improve their day to day lives with their horses.  Clinics offer a fun, low pressure way to learn along with other riders, expose horses to things they may not see at home in a safe, controlled environment, set up situations to improve and expand comfort zones, and to learn from watching other riders as well.

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Problem Solving

Searching for the root problem behind anxieties, misunderstandings, and “problem behaviors.”  Correcting or rebuilding a shaky foundation to help create understanding and mental balance in the horse.  Building trust and creating communication by teaching the horse to think through situations and get on the path toward becoming a working partner.

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Give you and your horse a path for developing quality horsemanship.

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