To Catch A Horse


Opening up this book is like sitting down at the kitchen table with a friend, where you feel connected by the quiet, and sometimes lively, conversation. There is a lot to take away from To Catch a Horse, but I keep coming back to this passage: “…we have to be able to offer real peace to the horse. To do that, we have to have peace with ourselves.” Amy offers practical truths and consequences in To Catch a Horse that are hard to find anywhere else. (Julie Kenney)Amy is at the forefront of an exciting revolution that is focused on quality of life, for the horse as much as the human. (Kristen Anthony)To Catch a Horse is a must-have for those want an honest and refreshing look at horsemanship. Amy Skinner allows the reader into her world. Her willingness to challenge the status quo in the world of horsemanship demonstrates her drive to improve how the horse is seen and developed. The stories shared are skillfully worded to help the rider elevate their approach with understanding the horse. With each read, you’ll find new nuggets of information. My favorites: The Problem with Training; Live Soft, Ride Soft: Bomb Proof or Shut Down; Questioning the 30-Day Start. (Michael Benner)



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