The Cons of Being a Good Student

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Over the years I’ve interned and studied under many great teachers.

The phase of my life called “being a good student” is over.  “Being brave” is done too.

The phase of my life called “listening and being smart” has just begun.

Now my interest is learning from my own instinct.  I throw out pressures to ride a certain way, or to get horses going at any rate other than the horse’s and mine.

For every time I’ve been told to “grow a pair,” for every time I’ve heard “haven’t you ridden him yet?”

For every time I have something to prove

For every time I cheapened my horsemanship and ignored what the horse needed just to get a job done.

Now the only one pushing me is myself, and my horse.


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  • Julie Parker

    Amy, your website is beautiful! I am looking forward to some future lessons. You’re the best teacher and I am deeply grateful for what I have learned so far.

  • filmi full izle

    I really liked your blog post. Really thank you! Fantastic. Kath Broddie Lorollas

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