Twenty-Ninth Revolution Around the Sun

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Today marks my twenty-ninth revolution around the sun, and as I write this I am sitting in the airport drinking an overpriced glass of wine on standby, hoping to catch a previously missed flight into Portland, Maine.  I am astounded that I have a group of riders waiting to learn from me, some of which I’ve taught before, some of which I’ve never met.

I am just completely in awe of my life and the things I’ve learned. I feel starry eyed and in love with life’s process, with all its ups and downs.  I’m starting to accept situations as not “good” or “bad,” but important learning opportunities.  Looking back, I see a lot of mistakes I made and am learning from them.  I am also proud of my effort and hard work that has lead me to achieving what I have today.  I’m grateful for the support and kindness of those I hold dear, and recognize their essential role in my life.

I’m always surprised and grateful that people read my work, or want to learn from me.  I learn so much from writing, and consider it a great opportunity to organize my thoughts and bounce input off of people. I appreciate my students who teach me even more than I teach them – I get the opportunity to watch someone learn in real time and see what works and what doesn’t. My students shape so much of how I ride, and often watching them make the same mistakes I make is a great motivator to change habits.  Watching their successes is extremely humbling, and I’m proud of their hard work. I believe everyone has the potential to be great at riding, and are only limited by their interest level and willingness to be introspective.


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